Cigar Punches

Punch Cut: A Better Cigar Draw?

The cigar punch is a cylindrical blade that gently removes the center of a cigar’s cap, leaving its edges intact. This process is also called “bullet cut” because it leaves what looks like an entrance hole in cigars and some are designed to look like bullets themselves. The smaller opening produces a tighter draw that many smokers prefer. Cigar punches come in various shapes and sizes for different purposes. Keep reading and find out how to choose the right one.

Choosing the Perfect Cigar Punch

Match your punch to the size of the cigar, but base it on your personal preferences. A larger gauge cigar may need a punch that’s a bit bigger to get a slightly airy draw, whereas a panatela vitola may be best cut by a smaller punch.

Experiment and find out which size of cigar punch you like best. If you have any questions, the team at Vitola Fine Cigars is happy to help. Visit our contact page to consult with our friendly staff on which punch is best for you.

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