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Imagine walking into a modern, sophisticated cigar shop. You’re greeted by clean lines, soft lighting, the sounds of jazz music playing in the background with other customers chatting amicably at their tables enjoying life’s luxuries. This is Vitola Fine Cigars – an oasis for those who enjoy quality cigars or just want to spend some time on themselves after work! And now we’re available online as well with premium cigars and accessories shipped directly to you. Click the image below:

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If you are looking for top-quality humidors that compliment your home’s décor, just browse the selection on this page and you’re sure to find the right humidor for you. We’re committed to providing cigar lovers with the best of the world’s premium cigars and accessories. We offer a wide variety of top quality humidors to choose from, including different materials such as oak, African teak, elm and we even have travel humidors in many different styles and sizes.

What is a Humidor?

How Does it Preserve a Cigar’s Flavor?

A humidor maintains the right humidity and temperature to preserve a cigar’s flavor, with cigars being stored at an average temperature of seventy to seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit (22°C) and a relative humidity of 70. This is commonly known as the 70/70 rule.

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, from small travel cases to large furniture pieces that will house hundreds of cigars. Choosing the right humidor for you will depend on a number of factors, such as cigar storage preference (vertical or horizontal), humidor location within the home and available space.

Maintaining Your Humidor at the Ideal Temperature and Humidity

Keeping your cigars in the ideal conditions within your humidor is easy. Simply purchase a cigar hygrometer, which will allow you to monitor the humidity and temperature of your humidor.

You’ll have to add some distilled water periodically and be sure to keep your humidor away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. It’s very easy to manage!

One more concern is that you may want to have a plan for your humidor in case there is an extended power outage. If RH drops below 60%, it can cause weakening binders that hold together the wrapper leafs and filler tobaccos within a cigar; if RH exceeds 75%, then moisture may seep into cedar wood causing warping and cracking–and both may lead to an increase in bitterness when smoking.

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