A specialty brand of C.L.E. Cigars, Asylum cigars bring an unapologetically punchy lineup to cigars smokers at every experience level. Well-known for their larger-than-normal vitolas, Asylum cigars are made up of only the best quality Honduran tobaccos. These big and bold blends make the entire catalog of Asylum cigars box-worthy buys. From the history of the cigar company to their popular cigar blends and even where you can find them, Vitola Fine Cigars in Mountain Brook, Alabama is your go-to brick-and-mortar cigar shop for all Asylum products and promotions.  

Asylum Cigars 

A family venture now in its second generation, C.L.E., and its associated brands like Asylum have been a bonafide cigar company for over 25 years. Julio Eiroa, the patriarch of the Eiroa family of cigar makers, first began his cigar journey in 1997 in the Jamastran Valley in Honduras. Since then, Asylum and other C.L.E. brands have become widely popular due to their state-of-the-art farms and fields, technologically advanced facilities, and consistent cigar-making processes. 

The Asylum Process

Much of C.L.E. and Asylum Cigar Brand’s success comes from fine-tuned processes and procedures that have been handed down for generations. Additionally, those same techniques used to build the brand continue to be used today.

  • The Farm — The Eiroa Family farms are among the most innovative tobacco farms on the planet. Adhering to strict hygiene policies, Asylum cigars are still hand-selected by founders Julio and Chrisitan Eiroa. These stringent farming protocols play a significant role in Asylum’s success, producing only the most top-quality, Grade-A tobaccos.
  • The Facilities — Originally one of the only two theaters in the Jamastran Valley, Julio Eiora first repurposed the building into a cigar factory under the name of Eiroa Cigars in 1975. In this facility, Julio Eiroa began to master cigar-making practices, including developing a process to make all of the factory’s cigars the same size and shape. This greatly increased the consistency of C.L.E. cigars, thus opening the door for new brands like Asylum to debut.
  • The Process — In 2007, the Eiroa Family Farms became certified by the agricultural branch of Bayer CropScience. This certification reinforced the idea of Eiora Farms is one of the most hygienic tobacco farms today.

About Asylum Cigars

Today, the storied Asylum Brand of cigars has nearly two dozen different cigar blends on the market. From lighter-bodied Connecticut wrappers to heavier, full-bodied Maduro blends, C.L.E. and the Asylum cigar brand carry a welcoming lineup for newcomers and veteran connoisseurs alike. Asylum also carries the comically large April Fools cigar with a whopping vitola of 9×90.

Shop Asylum at Vitola Fine Cigars

Vitola Fine Cigars is your best choice for a top-quality selection of the industry’s most popular brands like Asylum. Aside from our large variety of sticks to choose from, Vitola Fine Cigars also take pride in providing expertly and correctly humidified cigars where other shops fall short. Call, click, or come in today to shop a great selection of premium cigars at Vitola Fine Cigars.

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