Acid Cigars: The Smoking Experience You Won’t Forget

So, you think Acid Cigars are just another brand of cigars? Think again. Acid provides a completely unique smoking experience. Their curing and blending process is a closely guarded company secret because of the truly one-of-a-kind smoking experience provided by Acid Cigars. We’re not just talking about how delicious they smell, or how much smoother they taste than your average cigar. When you light up an Acid Cigar, we guarantee that you’ll never forget the experience no matter what else may happen in your life!

Acid brands have been around since 1999, and when they first came on the market their unique flavor and smoking experience quickly made them one of the most popular brands in America.

The variety of flavors that Acid offers is really quite staggering- from mild to full bodied with an assortment of different wrapper types like Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro or Cameroon Wrapper; there are dozens of varieties available! If you’re feeling adventurous, try something new every time by trying out all the amazing flavors Acid has to offer.

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