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Vitola Fine Cigars offers a full selection of the best cigar lighters from brands like Vertigo, Xikar, Colibri and more. We have a wide selection of cigar lighters at great prices, and we offer a wide array of other accessories like cigar cutters, ashtrays and more.


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What Should You Look For In a Cigar Lighter?

Properly lighting your cigar ensures an even burn and the best flavors.  The best cigar lighters for sale online are reliable, well-built and offer a variety of features.

The most important thing to look for in a cigar lighter is reliability. You need the flame to be steady without any flickering or going out during your smoke. It’s nice if you can adjust the light strength too, so that it doesn’t overpower and burn through the end of your cigar with one quick touch.

Lighter technology is definitely evolving, with electric lighters becoming more and more popular. An electric cigar lighter is a great option if you’re always on the go and don’t want to mess around with refilling butane.

The best cigar lighters for sale online are made with quality materials and won’t break down after just a few uses, like some of the cheaper options out there.

You’ll be spending more money upfront on a quality lighter or torch, but it will last much longer so that in the long run it’s worth every penny!

Fuel, Maintenance and other considerations

It’s also important to pick one that feels good in your hand. This way you can easily get at the cigar while enjoying an even, steady light.

Finally, make sure to check how often they need refills as well as what type of fuel they require before purchasing. With all these factors considered, finding high-quality cigars online is easy and we’ve compiled all our offerings here on this page for your review.

Vitola Fine Cigars is your one-stop for all things related to smoking cigars! We offer all the accessories you need, plus an unmatched inventory of cigars available for sale online. If you need help picking out the right lighter, cigar or humidor feel free to contact us for advice before ordering online.


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