Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf is a tobacco grower and manufacturer that produces some of the best Nicaraguan tobacco in the world. Aganorsa Leaf tends to focus its attention on producing medium-bodied, full-flavored cigars with nods to traditional Cuban flavor profiles and aromas. Aganorsa cigars promise a variety of flavors and aromas such as spicy, sweet, earthy, and as always, a smooth, rich burn. With Nicaraguan terroir attributes and classic Cuban aroma and flavor, Aganorsa cigars embody traditional Cuban farming methods to help achieve their unreplicable flavor profile. Aganorsa Leaf has succeeded in cultivating a loyal and growing following due to their superior leaf, their vertical integration: from seed to ash, and their strict quality control which they call Validación. 

Aganorsa Leaf Cigars

Like anything worth doing, Aganorsa Leaf began with a dream. Eduardo Fernandez, the founder of Aganorsa Leaf, had a vision of growing the finest tobacco in the world that would capture the essence of old-school Cuban cigars. To ensure his dream’s success, Fernandez sought out the top Cuban agronomists who each had over half a century of experience working at the highest levels of Cubatabaco. These men – Arsenio Ramos, Jacinto Iglesias, and Chandito Gomez – commanded oversight of the production of tobacco during the heydays of Cuban cigars. Together, Eduardo and his team of tobacco agronomists understood the signature flavors that famously defined Cuban cigars and came to realize that they could create the same Cuban influence and aroma in their cigars using classic Cuban methods coupled with amble and favorable resources found in Nicaragua. Thus, Aganorsa Leaf came to fruition. 

From Seed to Ash: A Story of Vertical Integration

“You have to control your destiny, you have to grow your own tobacco, you have to be vertically integrated.”  — Eduardo Fernandez, Owner of Aganorsa Leaf

Fast forward 20 years and heaps of awards later, Aganorsa Leaf has thrived as a leader within the tobacco and cigar industry, and certainly not without reason. Aganorsa being vertically integrated means more than having complete oversight over the entirety of their manufacturing process; it guarantees a capital end product – every time. Each cigar rolled in their Jalapa and Miami locations is rolled using premium Aganorsa Leaf. The creation is overseen by Eduardo, his son Max, and their Cuban supervisors. The result is a world-class blend that balances nicely on the center palette to bring together a very enjoyable smoke. 

The magic that is Aganorsa begins with a seed. Two seed varietals — Corojo ‘99 and Criollo ‘98 – thrive in part to the phenomenal quality of the Nicaraguan land Aganorsa grows their tobacco on, married with traditional Cuban cultivation methods, and overseen by their team of Cuban agronomists. Terence Reilly, the CEO, communicates the importance of why Aganorsa Leaf’s quality seed varietals are superior, explaining that Jalapa has very similar growing conditions to a premium tobacco-growing region in Cuba. In that sense, Aganorsa Leaf combines reliable and creditworthy Cuban tobacco growing methods and meshes them with Nicaragua’s natural and favorable resources to create something truly special. 

While this is a good start, much more has to be done before Aganorsa Leaf cigars can populate your humidor. Once these seed varietals have completed their growth the real work begins. This superior product is helped by processes and facilities dubbed “Pre-industria.” What this entails are specialized facilities that collect the already cured tobacco, which is then placed into massive silos for the tobacco to ferment. Aganorsa Leaf puts exceptional care and attention to detail during the “pre-industria” phases as this is where there is the most potential for the tobacco to drop in quality, but also Aganorsa Leaf’s “it” factor. Everything from fermentation to aging, blending, and finally rolling is part of this two-year process. It encapsulates the passion Aganorsa takes in their craft and notably shows in their cigars. 

“Our Leaf is Our Strength”

Below is a brief list of our favorite Aganorsa Leaf Cigars.

  • Signature Corojo: “Our finest expression of our famed Aganorsa leaf”This Nicaraguan puro contains rare Medio Tiempo in the filler. Medio Tiempo is produced in very small quantities at the very top of the plant above the Ligero leaves. This leaf provides depth and structure to the blend as well as a taste like no other. Released in small allotments a few times a year, this cigar is as rare as it is special.
  • Aniversario Corojo: “Our ultra-premium line, Aniversario is the very definition of opulence” — Blended for optimal performance in specific sizes, including a box pressed lancero, Aniversario is crafted by master Cuban rollers using 100% Aganorsa Leaf tobacco. Complex, rich, and medium to full-bodied. This is a perfect cigar for the experienced Aficionado to celebrate those special moments in life. Rolled in Corojo and Shade Grown Corojo Maduro cover leaf. 
  • La Validación Series: “La Validación is the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar”Spicy, bold, and rich, this cigar is perfect to pair with your favorite brown spirit after a heavy meal. You won’t find a better Habano-wrapped cigar on the market.

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Aganorsa’s motto is “Our leaf is our strength” and is clearly seen in their phenomenal end products. Their ability to control every process in each stage of the cigar-making process, from seed to sales, is one of the many reasons that makes Aganorsa Leaf’s tobacco some of the finest within the cigar industry and certainly Nicaragua. 

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