Cohiba Premium Cigars Brought to You by Vitola Fine Cigars

Cohiba cigars are so great because they last a long time, have rich flavors in them and their packaging is elegant. A favorite among cigar connoisseurs as well as for those who indulge on rare occasions, Cohibas come from the Dominican Republic and are handcrafted with premium tobacco leaves. In addition to a variety of strength levels that range between mild to full-bodied smoke (and everything in between), you can purchase these cigars by sizes like Toro or Churchill’s which makes it easy when you want something different!

The Cohiba brand of cigars has been a staple in the cigar smoking industry for decades. One might even say that it’s had an effect on so many people around the world who love the Cuban heritage, but don’t have access to products from Cuba. The legacy is now carried forward by General Cigar Company and they produce these fine smokes from state-of-the art factories where they can make sure everything stays up to standard with all those years of tradition behind them!


Check out our full range of cigars from Cohiba below.

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