Cigars are an art form. An art form to be admired and appreciated by those who enjoy an exceptional cigar. When it comes to
GTO Dominican Cigars, a boutique company that has perfected the artful blend of sweet and spicy, they’ve figured out how to create and capture a lasting impression on anyone who lights up one of their beautifully crafted cigars. GTO Dominican Cigars has something for every cigar smoker and offers a variety of blends, strengths, and styles. It’s essential to understand its history and legacy to appreciate GTO Dominican cigars.

The GTO Legacy

A cigar smoker since his early twenties, Dr. Oscar Rodriguez had always loved cigars. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez’s family traditions were celebrated with cigars. His family had planted and cultivated Cuban seed tobacco on their farm in Valle del Cibao for nearly 100 years. When tradition met passion, Rodriguez found his cigar calling. He learned tobacco science from his father and family, who had been in the tobacco business for 80 years. Oscar quickly realized he had a knack for crafting elegant blends that give a distinct flavor. He formulates his blends by staying true to Dominican traditions while offering hints of other places, cultures, and stories to create unique flavor profiles. He eventually started manufacturing Tabacalera GTO Dominica, producing a luxury brand of cigars.

Tabacalera GTO Dominica produces unique and fresh blends using the methods learned from Oscar’s relatives that have proved successful after nearly a century. Find anything from a medium, smooth blend to a spicy combination that will have you sweating. Several lines have come from the high-quality manufacturer, always using the finest tobaccos, so much so that only a limited batch is offered to honor the quality and art of the GTO Cigars

Dr. Rodriguez is now a resident of Montgomery, Alabama, and still upholds the traditions of GTO to this day. You will always find him with a smile on his face, a cigar in hand, and an extra or two to share.

About GTO Cigars

The GTO Dominican is crafted from the finest, aged first-generation Cuban seed tobacco, just like it was a century ago during humble beginnings. The most experienced cigar rollers roll them in the Dominican Republic on the family farm in Santiago, the heartbeat of the Valle del Cibao. The valley sits between two glorious mountain ranges that benefit from the Caribbean’s climate but are sheltered from the storms. This perfect blend creates the finest soils in the world for tobacco. Many of the world’s premium cigars, including GTO Dominican Cigars, call this area home.

The GTO Cigar Line

GTO cigars come in various ring gauges, lengths, and blends. For a mild to medium body and a creamy taste of cedar and leather, check out the Connecticut Churchill Gold & Robusto Gold 5 x 52. The Pain Killer Box Pressed Maduro, Corojo & Connecticut offers a full body with a taste of coffee, hickory, and a spicy kick of cayenne. 

Some of our favorites include — 

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