From family traditions to a technologically advanced tobacco farm, C.L.E Cigar Company is known worldwide for its Grade A tobacco and top cigars

Select from their many brands — including C.L.E., Asylum, and Eiroa — at Vitola Fine Cigars and learn more about this family tradition.

The C.L.E. Tradition

These Honduran cigars are a prize possession for Christian Luis Eiroa and his family. Grade A tobacco is grown in the Jamastran Valley. Premium tobacco is grown in the best conditions and adheres to strict quality standards as set by Bayer Company. 

Each tobacco leaf is filtered for color and consistency before being slow-cured to perfection. Quinto Corte Medio Tiempo fillers and Fourth Priming Ligero tobacco give these cigars a nice kick that you will taste, but the Wrapper is where the most flavor is produced. 

It is important to note that this is the first time in nearly 100 years that the Eiroa family has been confident enough in a blend to release cigars. 

History of C.L.E. Cigars 

With a story as rich in history and tradition as the cigar industry itself, there is no shortage of opportunity for an entrepreneur to make their own mark. And Christian Eiroa took full advantage with his company, C.L.E. Cigar Co., founded in 2012. 

A landmark in Danli, the C.L.E. Cigar Factory was once one of two theaters owned by Christian’s grandfather. A small group of rollers bunch the tobacco to perfection to ensure the burn, construction, and blend is consistent with every cigar. 

About C.L.E. Cigars

These cigars are of the finest quality and the C.L.E. Cigar Co. factory is certified by the Bayer CropScience, the agricultural branch of the major pharmaceutical firm. A variety of flavors can be found in these cigars. 

The C.L.E. Corojo cigar is medium-bodied with a solid build that feels heavy in the hand. It is salty, earthy with notes of spice, brown sugar, and cedar. 

Another great cigar to try out is the C.L.E. Conneticut. It is a more mellow body with a solid build. With a smooth draw, you will notice flavors of nuttyness, cedar, butter, and citrus. 

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  • C.L.E. 25th Anniversary
  • C.L.E. Habano
  • C.L.E. Signature

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