Savoy Humidors

Savoy Humidors Online: Premium Handcrafted Humidors in Different Finishes

Savoy Humidors offers premium handcrafted humidors with many different finishes for you to choose from. They offer some of the best-built, most beautiful cigar storage solutions available on the market today. If you’re looking for an elegant way to store your cigars, then look no further than Savoy!

Available in teak, caramel elm, and many other popular finishes, these executive humidors come complete with a reliable hydrometer for you to monitor the humidity levels.

The Savoy Humidor is perfect for storing your cigars while keeping them in prime condition. The polished wood lining of these beautiful cigar storage solutions prevents any unwanted flavors from coming through, so that your expensive cigars always taste as they should!

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