Do you have a cigar lover in your life? If so, what better way to spread Christmas cheer this holiday season than to give the perfect cigar or cigar accessories as a gift. With an endless amount of options and items, you may not know where to start. If you are not a non cigar smoker and are attempting to purchase a cigar for the first time it can be confusing knowing what is considered popular in the cigar smoking world. For beginners, we recommend you check out A Beginners’ Complete Guide to The World of Cigars to learn more.

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Cigar Lover in Your Life

From parejo cigars to figurado cigars, accessories and more, finding something special for that cigar lover in your life can be easy. Use our holiday gift guide and let us help you give a gift to remember. 

Arturo Fuente Cigars

Arturo Fuente has regular production cigars that we have year round, but during special months of the year, especially during the holiday season, they release really interesting, rare, small batch items online that people hunt down. If you are looking for Arturo Fuente Cigars, make sure to act quick because they sell fast. 

Having exceptional quality and performance, the Fuente legacy has developed innovative production techniques overtime that enable them to assure product consistency in wrapper leaf quality, shade grown tobacco content, flavor development and burn characteristics. Arturo Fuente brings an authentic Dominican experience in every cigar smoked. They are best described as a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Here are a few products to try and get your hands on!

Camacho Cigars – Davidoff of Geneva  

A sought after brand by many, cigar lovers buy Camacho cigars to experience intense flavor. Davidoff of Geneva provides an intense smoke with their line of Camacho cigars that will be sure to take you on an adventure. Full-colored and all American in style these cigars effortlessly deliver an amped up flavor that old school cigar brands never dared match.

A fan favorite is the Camacho Connecticut cigars. The balance of boldness pairs perfectly with a mild, smooth taste. However, don’t mistake mildness for weakness. Camacho Connecticut has 100% Camacho with a spicy kick. Here are some gift options for your cigar lover.

Sampler Packs and Large Box Sets

Sampler packs are quite popular during the season of gift giving! People love getting their hands on different 5 and 10 packs of different cigars in hopes to find their next favorite! Usually, smaller sized packs are in the $40 – $100 range, but larger boxes can cost $200 – $250. It is important to note that many of the cigar companies didn’t come out with humidified five packs. Since then, they now make resealable packs that have their own humidities. If you give it as a gift, as long as it’s resealed it’ll last a few months, and keep the cigars just right. These small packs have risen in popularity over the last couple of years and are priced in the $35 – $40 range. Here are a few sampler sets and boxes that you should consider.

Accessories and Humidors

Are you wanting to buy something that your cigar lover can use overtime? If so, you may want to consider purchasing cigar accessories as a holiday gift. Accessories are a must to any cigar lover in your life. From humidors, lighters, cutters, punches, or ashtrays, give a gift that keeps giving.

What is a Humidor?

A humidor maintains the right humidity and temperature to preserve a cigar’s flavor. Cigars should be properly stored at an average temperature of seventy to seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit (22°C) and a relative humidity of 70. This is commonly known as the 70/70 rule.

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes, from small travel cases to large furniture pieces that will house hundreds of cigars. Choosing the right humidor for you will depend on a number of factors, such as cigar storage preference (vertical or horizontal), humidor location within the home and available space.

By purchasing a humidor for your cigar lover, it will allow them to keep their cigars in good condition until use. Shop all humidors.

VITOLA FINE CIGARS is the best place to buy cigars online or if you’re near one of our retail locations in central Alabama, you can visit our store and shop directly or hang out for a while and enjoy your favorites in our cigar lounge. Buy the perfect cigar or cigar accessories for the cigar lover in your life this holiday season now!