If you are struggling to come up with a fathers day gift, we have a solution for you. Here are the top 5 fathers day cigar gifts from Vitola Fine Cigars.


Every cigar lover needs a good humidor to keep their cigars the perfect temperature and keep the right moisture level. Keeping your humidor around 70 degrees will be the ideal temperature for your new humidor and allow all cigars to get better over time. A humidor stores your cigars at the right temperature which does not let the tobacco get too dry or moist. This will allow your cigar to be in the best condition possible when you are ready to smoke it. If you leave your cigar sitting out then it would get too dry which causes it to lose flavor. While if your cigar gets too moist then the cigar could rot or even start to mold. The right humidor for you can be found on Vitola Cigars for the right price.

Cutter and Lighter Set

Cutters and Lighters are a must have for everyone who plans on smoking a cigar. Without these two items there will be no smoking your cigar anytime soon. At Vitola Cigars we can find the perfect set for you and your cigars. There are many different types of lighters that you can select from our website that will be perfect for you. We will give you prices that cannot be beat for your perfect set of cutters and lighters.

Xikar Lighter

Xikar Lighters are the top of the line lighters that anyone will love. There are many different types of Xikar Lighters so you can be sure to find the perfect gift for your father. With plenty of different styles and different types of lights Xikar will surely make a great light. This will allow your father to never have to worry about his lighter not working again. The high quality of Xikar will last for a long time and is sure to ignite every time unlike other cheap lighters.

Cigar Assortment

Finding the right cigar for someone else can be hard to do, that is why the cigar assortment would be perfect for you. There are plenty of different assortments that will allow you to get different types of cigars for the right price. Getting a nice assortment gives the opportunity to test many different cigars without knowing what you might like. This way you can test many different styles and flavors to find the perfect cigar for you.

Cigar Travel Humidor

For someone who enjoys traveling and bringing a nice cigar with them the Travel Case Humidor would be a great gift. This allows you to bring 5 cigars with you anywhere you go and keep them in perfect condition. The travel case is small enough that you can bring it on any trip with you and store it with no problem. This would be the perfect gift that allows you to keep cigars in great condition no matter where you are going

No matter who you are celebrating this father’s day there is surely a great gift for him at Vitola Fine Cigars. Be sure to check out any of our retail locations in and around Birmingham, Alabama if you are in the area.