Your Guide to the Best Summertime Cigars

As summer is in full swing it is time that you find the perfect cigar for a nice summer night. You may not know the difference in all types of cigars or why you need a different cigar in the summer or winter. Here are some easy tips that will help you pick the perfect summer cigar that you will love.

Find a Flavorful Cigar 

In the summer you should smoke a cigar that is full of flavor that you enjoy. A sweet or nutty cigar flavor will be perfect for a nice calm summer night. This way you will not feel like it is too heavy for you and it shouldn’t take too long to smoke. So when you are thinking about finding a cigar this summer try to find one with some nice sweet or nutty flavors that will go perfect with the summer heat.

change your flavor

Try a Mild Cigar

Mild cigars are often looked over by cigar lovers but this could be the perfect option for someone who does not have as much experience. Mild cigars can be very full and flavorful but not too strong for someone who does not smoke all the time. A well made mild cigar can be one of the most enjoyable cigars to smoke and enjoy on a nice summer day. When looking for your next cigar dont skip over the mild cigars that could be the right one for you. 

milder cigar choices

Change Up Your Cut

This summer try something new when smoking your cigar to change things up a little bit. If you are used to making a straight cut try a punch cut out this summer. Try changing the way you cut your cigar to see if you like something more. There are so many different ways to cut a cigar even if you don’t have the right cutter. Take a step out of your comfort zone and use a cut that you never have before and you may fall in love with it. 

change your cigar cut

Set A Budget

When you are smoking a cigar any time of year but especially in the summer it is easy to want to buy the most expensive cigar. This summer try setting a budget before you ever buy your perfect cigar. Know how much you want to spend on your cigar and find the right one for you. This way you will know you made the right decision and be able to enjoy your cigar for as long as you want. 

buying cigars on a budget

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