Asylum Insidious Connecticut

Asylum Insidious Connecticut – A Milder Cigar by Asylum

Fans of Asylum Cigars are no strangers to the highly sought after and rare dark, oily wrappers that set these smokes apart, but they can be a bit off-putting to beginners. However, a milder cigar that has deep roots in Honduran tradition, is something anyone can now enjoy with this savory new release from Asylum. The hefty profile we’ve grown accustomed to is now wrapped up in an aromatic Connecticut leaf – a delicate ring entangling an all Honduran long-fill core for a lighter smoke that’s still packed with the flavor and aroma one would expect from an Asylum cigar.

This blend is Asylum’s first-ever sweet tipped and Connecticut wrapped cigar offering. The Asylum Insidious will transport you to the serene rolling hills of the Connecticut countryside that are so famous for growing some of the finest tobacco leaves in the world. Stunning in appearance with its cream-colored wrapper, this mild cigar features handmade construction and provides a nice steady burn without any harshness or bitterness. Enjoy the mellow undertones in a perfect balance that elevates your smoking experience to unforgettable heights. These Asylum Insidious Connecticut cigars sold below are perfect for beginner smokers!

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