Pairing cigars with the correct spirits can be a task that takes a while to master. However, it’s one that gets better with time and practice. You’ve already applied the same skills when you pair a salad with the correct dressing or wine with an entrèe. Rely on these same senses of smell and taste to help you pair an amazing drink with your next cigar.

Stay Away From White

The first tip is to generally stay away from light, white drinks. White wine, champagne, vodka, gin and other white spirits typically do not pair well with cigars. In most cases with white drinks, the cigar tends to overpower the drink. Darker liquors like whiskey, bourbon, scotch and even some beers tend to make better pairings.

It’s All In The Body 

The second tip creating a great cigar and drink pairing is to match the body. You’ll want to pair full-bodied cigars with full-bodied liquors and lighter-bodied cigars with lighter liquors. This helps ensure that the cigar won’t be overpowered by the drink. By matching the bodies, you’re creating a complementary environment and the two will work in harmony with each other.

Some full-bodied beverage options include:

  • A thick beer like Guinness
  • A deep red wine like Malbec or Merlot
  • A bold bourbon like Booker’s

A few medium-bodied beverage options:

  • A tasty, sweet rum like Ron Centenario 25
  • Cognac, like Hennessy

If you’re looking for lighter bodied beverages try:

  • A lighter beer like Corona
  • A young red wine
  • A mild Irish Whiskey like Jameson

If you’re looking to pair a lighter-bodied cigar, this would be an acceptable situation to break the “no whites” rule. A prosecco or champagne might be the perfect complement to a lighter cigar, especially when celebrating a special occasion.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re getting stuck when trying to find that perfect pairing, our team at Vitola Cigars is here to help! Whether you’re ordering a box online or testing out a cigar in one of our lounges in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa, our team of aficionados would love to help you explore the world of cigars and beverage pairings.