If you want to keep your cigars fresh, it’s important to know how to properly store them. If stored incorrectly, your cigars can dry out if the climate is too cold or absorb too much moisture if the climate is too hot or humid. Damp cigars caused by humidity are sour and unpleasant, while dry cigars lose the aroma that makes the experience enjoyable. If you want to prevent this, check out the information below to learn more about storing your cigars.

Temperature & Humidity

As mentioned above, improper temperature and humidity levels will cause your cigars to suffer. Ideally, you’ll want your cigar to be 12-14% of its weight in moisture. In order to reach the correct humidity and temperature, be sure to monitor your humidor. You may think putting your cigars in a humidor is enough, but taking the extra step and ensuring that your humidor 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit will make a world of difference for the condition of your cigars.


We love cigars at all price ranges, but, unfortunately, sometimes there are just bad cigars that your humidor won’t be able to save. If you can, investing in quality cigars will mean a better smoking experience. 

Humidors & Humidifiers 

A humidor is a box designed to hold your cigars. Usually, your humidor will have dividers for your to place your cigars. There are humidors that hold a few cigars, and there are humidors that can hold hundreds. It’s not enough to buy a humidor, place your cigars in, and move on. You’ll need to get a humidifier. There are passive humidifiers and active humidifiers. 

Passive Humidifiers

Passive humidifiers have no electric parts and use vapor conduction to maintain the correct humidity. Passive humidifiers are good if you have a small number of cigars.

Active Humidifiers

Active humidifiers usually have a fan that will blow on water. This will produce a fine mist that will absorb into the air. Active humidifiers are typically used for walk-in humidors.


Vitola Has What You Need

If you care about how you store your cigars, check out Vitola’s humidor and humidifier inventory. If you have more questions about storing your cigars, stop in at one of our locations and ask our experts. They will give you all the information you need to have an enjoyable experience.