Preparing A Cigar

The prep work to smoke a cigar is an experience in itself. A wonderful time for you to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that has gone into the creation of your cigar from Vitola Fine Cigars. As you might have noticed, premium cigars have a closed head, meaning you will have to cut into them to enjoy them. There are many ways to cut the head of a cigar depending on the person enjoying the cigar, but the most recommended tool is a cigar cutter. Keep reading to learn more about how to properly cut and light a cigar.

Properly Cutting A Cigar 

There are a million and one ways to open the closed end of a cigar. If you’re a fan of older movies, you may have witnessed Hollywood movie stars cutting with a pocket knife or a horseshoe nail. Much like Hollywood movies, cigar cutting has evolved. Cigar cutting is more of an art than anything, the intention being to create a smooth opening that compliments the integrity of the cigar’s structure.

Types of Cigar Cuts

On most cigars, an ample cut is about two millimeters from the end, look for where the cigar curve starts to straighten and make your cut. Another option is the V-cut. This exposes more surface area which makes it easier to pull the smoke through the cigar. 

Cigar Cutter

So what do you cut your cigar with? Well, you have options. There are several tools out there to help you make a smooth cut without teaching the wrapper. Many cigar aficionados have several types of cutters for all occasions. The most important thing is to keep the blades sharp. A double or single-blade cutter is a good place to start. They are designed to make a clean cut across the end of the cigar and are easy to use. Cut quickly and efficiently for the best cut.  Some non-traditional cutters get the job done, but may not produce the cleanest cut.

From biting, knives and piercers, cigar smokers have found many ways to cut the end of a cigar. The integrity and structure of the cigar are easily compromised with these methods. It’s worth investing in a quality, sharp cigar cutter, especially if purchasing quality cigars — which you are. 

Properly Lighting A Cigar 

The lighting of a cigar is just as important as the cut. Never light a cigar with a flame from a source that may alter the flavor of your cigar. For example, a candle. While it may look cool, candle wax can offer a different flavor. Many cigar experts also advise you to stay away from cigarette lighters because of the isobutane found in them. If you must use a cigarette lighter — use it to light a strip of cedar, and use the cedar to light the cigar. 

Cigar lighters are your best tool for lighting cigars. A cigar lighter uses an odorless gas, a fatter flame, and adjustable flame height to compromise the size and flavor of cigars. Cigar lighters come in an array of sizes and designs, but first and foremost, the cigar lighter should fit your hand. The cap should open easily and be out of the way so the whole flame is exposed to light.

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That was a lot of useful information for prepping your cigar to enjoy. The experts at Vitola Fine Cigars understand cigars can be an overwhelming hobby. We’re here to help. Come visit us at one of our many locations and we can help pick out your perfect cigar lighter and cigar cutter to pair with one of our premium cigars.