There are many different ways to cut a cigar and all of them can be correct. Throughout this article you will learn how to cut a cigar and about the different cuts. There are many different ways all you have to do is find out which one you like the best.

How to Cut a Cigar

When you pull your cigar out you will notice that one side already looks cut and the other side still needs to be cut. You will need to cut the side that still looks like it needs to be cut which is called the “cap”. With your traditional cigar also called a straight cutter you can just position the cutter right inside the cap and cut. In one smooth clean cut pinch your fingers together and cut the cap off. Try to be as fast as possible and this will make the best cut for your cigar.

Cigar Straight Cutter

The straight cutter is the cutter that will probably be the cheapest and most common. That does not mean it is not a great cutter for your cigar. With the straight cutter you will need to make sure you line it up just right for the best cut possible. Once you have the cutter even around the cigar you will use your thumb and pointer finger to pinch the cutter. As you are getting ready make sure you pinch your fingers together as hard as possible to make the best cut. The faster you pinch the cleaner of a cut you will get which will allow for a smooth smoke.

Cigar Punch Cutter

The punch cutter or the bullet cutter is another common type of cutter that many people love. There are different size punches that you can make depending on how you like it or the size of your cigar. When using a punch cutter you are going to want to center the punch cutter on the cap of your cigar. Once you have the cutter lined up you are going to want to lightly apply pressure to the cigar and spin it back and forth. When your whole cutter is into the cigar then remove it and the cut part of the cigar will stay in the cutter. After this you have successfully made your cut and you are ready.

Cigar V-Cut

The V-Cut is similar to the punch cut but might take a little more time to learn how to become an expert. When you are ready to make the cut the cutter may look similar to the straight cutter but the blades are angled. Put the cutter on the cap of the cigar and make sure it is lined up to make the cut on the cap. When you are lined up on the cap make the cut once again as fast as possible. This will allow the cleanest cut and have the smoothest finish.

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