The holiday season is here, which means traveling to visit friends and family. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, enjoying a cigar at Christmas or on New Year’s Eve is definitely a treat. If you haven’t thought about flying with cigars yet, it’s time to now, because let’s face it, damaged cigars are enough to turn anyone into Mr. Scrooge. Read on for everything you need to know about flying with cigars. 

First, The Rules

Thankfully for you, cigars are allowed in carry-on luggage and checked bags during domestic flights. If you’re flying internationally, there are certain regulations on the number of cigars that are permitted. Be sure to check with your airline and your destination country to make sure you’re following the correct rules. 


What Accessories Are Allowed?

While cigars are allowed during flights, the waters muddy a bit when it comes to the accessories. 

Lighters: You can bring a regular lighter with a soft flame in your carry-on, not checked luggage. This may be a letdown to those that prefer a torch lighter, which is prohibited. 

Humidors: Humidors are also allowed in carry-ons, but your airline will regulate the size and weight of your carry-on items, so we advise you to check with your specific airline to make sure your humidor will fit within regulations. 

Cigar cutters: Cigar cutters aren’t on a prohibited item list, but we recommend asking and packing it in a checked bag to be sure. The TSA has rules surrounding scissors with blades longer than four inches, so keeping your blade shorter than that, or bringing a punch cutter shouldn’t give you an issue. 


What Accessories Are Prohibited? 

Torch lighters: As mentioned above, torch lighters are banned in any type of luggage, so you’ll have to have a lighter with a soft flame. For anyone that thinks they can get away with bringing one, think again. The TSA doesn’t mess around with prohibited lighters, and you’ll likely lose money when they inevitably confiscate it. 

Humidification Solution: Any bottle of liquid isn’t allowed in carry-on luggage, so, sadly, this one is a simple no. 

Matches: One book of matches is allowed, but we put this one under prohibited more as a precaution. There’s a chance your bag may be looked at more thoroughly, so if you aren’t trying to deal with all of that, you’d be better off just buying some matches at your destination. 

Torch Lighter

Protecting Your Precious Cargo

While cigars are allowed in checked luggage, you may feel better if you put them in your carry-on. We aren’t accusing airport workers of anything, and we are thankful for them, but there’s a possibility that your checked luggage may be tossed, which isn’t ideal for cigars.

If you do put your cigars in checked luggage, just make sure they’re placed in a secure humidor to help mitigate any potential damage. 

Safe Travels From Vitola!

Vitola Fine Cigars wishes you safe travels this holiday season. If you need cigars or accessories before take-off, visit any of our locations or shop our large, unique, inventory online.