There’s something endearing about the perfect pairing, especially when it’s a fine cigar and a cocktail. Here are some of our favorites we think you should enjoy. Really, is there anything better than enjoying your favorite cigar and cocktail and enjoying the warm weather? 

Romeo San Andres + Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Best enjoyed after a hearty dinner, Romeo y Julieta’s newest cigar is a beautiful, full-bodied, dark cigar. Its sweet and chocolatey flavoring has a nice hint of spice to taste at the end. When pairing this luxury cigar, it’s recommended you pair it with something dark that also has a kick to it. Enter, the Dark “N’ Stormy. The flavors, similar and complementary pairing go against the typical “opposites’ pairing. It’s also rumored this pairing is best enjoyed watching a sunset. 

Macanudo Inspirado Red + Old Fashioned

A classic and a trendsetter, this pairing takes a classic drink and trendy fine cigar to make the perfect pairing. Masculine meets feminine with a classic bourbon Old Fashioned and the newest cigar from the Macanudo line. The spice from the cigar pairs elegantly with the smoothness of the bourbon or any thick stout. 

CAO Amazon Anaconda + Imperial Highball

’A fine cigar with more than a kick, the CAO Amazon Anaconda perfectly pairs with sweet and spicy liquor. Most commonly, rum. You’ll notice the cigar has an array of flavors, everything from sweet to smokey, and even some hints of fruit and espresso. If you’re looking to try something outside the box- this pairing is for you. This pairing, the CAO Amazon Anaconda plus an Imperial Highball, is best on a Sunday evening, its slow-burn will have you relaxed and recharged to take on the week ahead.  

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A quick list to get you started, the possibilities are endless when it comes to great cigar and cocktail pairings. Shop online or stop into Vitola’s Fine Cigars and let us help you make the perfect pairing.