Cigars are like fine wine. Both have special characteristics that need to be preserved to fully enjoy the unique flavors. Correctly storing wine or cigars is crucial to this preservation. Wine is stored in cellars and cigars are stored in humidors. Humidors range in size from something as small as a shoebox or something as large as a refrigerator. Keep reading to learn more about which humidor best fits your unique needs.

What Exactly is a Humidor? And Why Do I Need One?

The most basic definition of a humidor is it’s a well-insulated and sealed storage container that keeps the humidity levels steady and maintained on the inside. Humidity levels are able to be controlled with the addition of a humidifier- something as simple as a soaked sponge or as complex as special beads that release moisture. Tobacco is grown in humid environments, and the process of curing involves slowly extracting that moisture to prevent rotting. Humidors work to mimic the humid environments tobacco is grown in. This helps to preserve the flavors and prolong their lifespan.

Which Humidor is Right For You?

  • Box Humidors: Traditionally, humidors are simple boxes with a tight seal made out of wood. More modern versions may be made out of ceramic or even plastic for travel use. This might be the best option for someone who wants to store their cigars in a cabinet, someone who travels with cigars or, with nicer-built boxes, someone who wishes to display them on a shelf.
  • Humidor Furniture: For the collector or aficionado who wants their humidor to be a focal point or conversation piece in a room, a custom-built furniture piece may be the best option. A functional and useful design option is a table with a humidor feature on the bottom and workspace on top.
  • Wineadors: Similar in looks to a wine refrigerator, wineadors allow you to control temperatures with insulation, door seals and either standard compressor cooling or thermoelectric cooling. This may be a great option for those who want to display their cigars.

The Experts at Vitola Fine Cigars Are Here to Help

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