There are not many activities better than enjoying a cigar. With that being said, cigars produce a pretty distinct odor that can be difficult to remove from your clothes and home. If you’re looking for ways to tame the smell, check out these odor elimination tips.

How To Eliminate Cigar Smell On Breath 

There’s nothing worse than a looming cigar smell on your breath. Unless the people you’re around are used to it, it can irritate many people. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to fresher breath in no time. 

Brush Your Teeth

To get rid of the smell on your breath, the first, and most obvious step, is to thoroughly brush your teeth and tongue, before and after a session. For an even fresher feel, consider gargling hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, followed by mouthwash. Did you know that they make mouthwash specifically for smokers? You can find it here. The trifecta of brushing your teeth, using hydrogen peroxide, and finishing with mouthwash will eliminate most of the smell. 

Chew Gum

Whatever smell is left over after brushing can usually be tackled by chewing gum, or sucking on a mint. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Utilize The Earth’s Gifts

Some suggest that drinking a beverage that contains citrus-like lemonade will freshen your breath. Others swear by sucking on parsley or consuming chlorophyll. Consuming any of these all goes back to replacing the current taste in your mouth with another prominent taste. 


Brushing Teeth

How To Eliminate Cigar Smell On Clothing

Unless you are being extremely cautious when smoking a cigar, there’s high chance ash will fall onto your clothing at some point. Regardless, the smoke in the air is enough to leave a smell on your clothing. Follow these tips to freshen up. 

Get A Garment Brush

Smells can linger in the fabric of your clothing. To get it out, get a high-quality garment brush and brush your clothing. It may sound odd, but it’s crucial if you want a deep clean. Throwing your clothes in the wash won’t always cut it. 

Invest In A Steamer

After brushing your clothing, it’s time to steam. Having a nice steamer is necessary for all avenues of life, not just after enjoying a cigar, so treat yourself and make sure the steamer you buy will get the job done. After steaming, leave the garment hanging overnight to air out. 

Use Fabric Spray

Now that you’ve brushed and steamed your clothing, there shouldn’t be much of a smell left. If you’ve had a particularly long night of smoking cigars, you may need to add an extra step: using a fabric spray. You can purchase fabric sprays anywhere, and they will take care of any lingering odor.

Garment Brush

How To Eliminate Cigar Smell In Your Home

Smelly breath and clothes are one thing, but your home is a different story. Keeping your home smelling well while smoking and after. 

Prioritize Ventilation

While smoking a cigar and after you’re finished, it’s important to ensure that there is proper ventilation. Open as many windows as you can and utilize box fans to keep air circulating out of the home. 

Light A Candle

It may seem like putting on a bandaid, and as basic as it seems, lighting a candle is an effective way to mitigate the cigar smell you may be experiencing. There are many high-intensity candles out there, including some marketed specifically for temporarily eliminating smoke odors. 

Clean Up Your Area

The smell won’t go away if you still have remnants of the night before. Be sure to clean up any leftover ashtrays, cigar butts, or clothing that you haven’t taken care of yet.

Lighting Candle

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