When thinking of what to pair with an evening stogie, it’s usually a whiskey that comes to mind first. Well, next time you go to light up one of your favorite cigars… consider grabbing a cold beer. We’ve found tips to help you decide on your next beer and cigar pairing.

A Perfect Combination: Beer and Cigars

Admittedly, it’s easy to second guess this combination. Our guess is if you’re a fan of cigars, you might be a fan of cigars. The key to a memorable cigar and beer pairing is finding that sweet spot where the strength and flavor of your cigar match the flavor profile of your beer.

Flavor Notes to Consider

Consider this, you’ve got a hoppy IPA, full of flavor and even a little bit of a bite. Pairing it with a lighter, more mellow cigar will leave the beer overpowering the lightness of the cigar. On the flip side, a big, bold, spicy, full-bodied cigar needs something just as demanding in a beer pairing. 

Keep in mind that this is all relative and subjective to what you enjoy. It all comes down to finding what you love and what you will enjoy. Here are some quick tips to at least help you get started.

  1. Pair mellow cigars with a light beer
  2. Medium to full-bodied cigars go great with medium to deep amber beers and even a middle-of-the-road IPA.
  3. Go big or go home… pair a full-bodied cigar with a hoppy IPA, dark beer or stouts.

Pair it Up!

Let’s cut to the chase here. While the obvious answer to the age-old question “What beers go best with my cigar,” is all the beers, here are a few that are without a doubt, crowd-pleasers. We’ll start light and work our way down the spectrum.


It’s a broad category with a lot of options. If you’re on the golf course with a Miller Lite, opt for a mellow cigar that has lighter flavors, like citrus or vanilla. 


Saisons are typically light, sour, and even have some hints of fruit. You can stick to the same cigar you paired with the light beer or take up a notch, with a medium cigar with heavier notes of fruit and flavor. Go bold with your fruits. 


We’re getting a little darker, and a good rule of thumb… your cigar needs to match. You’re in the medium-bodied territory for your lighter lagers. For those bolder, darker lagers, you can’t miss by choosing a cigar full of bold, sweet flavors. Think caramel and salty notes.


While there is certainly a range of IPAs, let’s talk hoppy. The hoppy flavor ups the flavor, so it’s time to up the cigar to a full-bodied option. The strong and bitter nature of an IPA will go nicely with a cigar that has heavy, earthy, and leathery notes. Even a little spice is enjoyable. 


Think of this as your anything-goes kind of pairing. There is a complete range of stouts, a chocolatey, sweet stout will pair nicely with a mellow cigar. Not your thing? No worries — go dark, spicy, and malty, and pair with a spicy cigar.

We hope this guide helps you determine your favorite beer and cigar pairings. Vitola Fine Cigars offers a wide range of choices from light to dark cigars at varying price points. Visit us today to find your favorite one.