With Father’s Day and graduations upon us, you may be looking for a great gift for the cigar lover in your life. But of course, you don’t need a special occasion to gift something special. Having a great ashtray is a great complement to enjoying a nice cigar. The right ashtray can add just the right amount of swagger and flair to the next cigar session. Take a look at our top five ashtray picks.

Ash With Class – Folding Cigar Ashtray

This ashtray’s sleek foldable abilities make it compact, perfect to keep in the car for a casual smoke on the go. It also comes with all of the accessories you’ll need- a cigar cutter, puncher and holder. You can even add up to three initials for laser-engraved personalization.

Glass Cigar Ashtray

If you’re looking for a more universal ashtray, this one made of heavy glass is the way to go. It’s guaranteed to match any decor in any room- inside or outside. It also features a deep groove to keep your cigar steady and safe from the wind. There are also options for ashtrays with two holders as well as an oval design.

Ash Stay Ashtray

If you’ll be lighting up your next cigar in a group setting, you may be around some people who don’t particularly care for the smoke and smell. This option is perfect for those situations. The unique design seals in ashes and odors. When you’re finished or ready for your next cigar, the lid pops off for easy ash disposal and cleaning.

Carbon Fiber Ashtray

If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, this ashtray fits the bill. With carbon fibers and six stainless steel rests, it also has black felt on the bottom to prevent scratches to furniture. This unique ashtray will serve as a beautiful home decor piece when not in use.

Car Ashtray

This ashtray is all about function and portability. If enjoying cigars while taking a long drive down a backroad is on the agenda, this ashtray is the perfect choice. The resting mechanism has two clips designed to hold the cigar in place with a tray feature that fits in most standard cupholders. Take it with you in the RV or boat as well for an enjoyable trip.

When you’re looking for the perfect cigar to enjoy with your new ashtray, stop by the Vitola Fine Cigar location near you in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa. We also have a wide inventory available online to deliver directly to you. Take a look around our website and shop premium cigars and accessories.